About Us

Pearlstone Energy is a recognised & approved Demand Response Aggregator by National Grid. We create value by offering UK businesses a variety of demand response ‘products’. Our clients will receive a new revenue stream by enabling them to sell the energy they don’t need at certain times, for short periods, and which they currently can’t sell on their own.

We do this by aggregating our clients’ Flexible Load using Honeywell’s proven and trusted Automated Demand Response (ADR) platform and creating a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) of negative watts or ‘Negawatts’. These negawatts are in fact a revenue source which can present significant value to many organisations. This includes manufacturing, educational, commercial, hospitals, airports, pumping stations and cold storage facilities, to name a few.

Your facility will therefore become part of a VPP that saves energy and costs, and, generates revenue every time you are able to adjust the amount of electricity you use.

In summary Pearlstone Energy:

  • Provides a variety of energy demand response solutions to owners of commercial, public and industrial buildings allowing them to temporarily switch off or turn down the non-essential electricity, or turn on standby generators
  • Works with and uses Honeywell’s proven OpenADR technology to enable a clients’ building(s) to participate in a variety of Demand Management programmes.  We do this in a reliable, fast, cost effective and automated fashion at no cost to our clients. All of this is achieved without negatively affecting the building’s performance or comfort condition for its occupants
  • Installs the necessary technology and management system at zero cost and then access, aggregate and sell the flexible load in our clients’ buildings into to the market at the best price at different times of the day, week and year and share the benefits with them
  • Provides open source & signaling standards to ensure that building owners are not locked into a single Aggregator’s proprietary technology. Our clients have the ability to opt out of “DR events” and decide on terms of their participation as opposed to the Aggregator reaching into their buildings to turn equipment off

The effective management of electricity demand at peak demand periods can also significantly reduce energy bills. We also provide clients with access to the electricity consumption data for their buildings – past, current and future – improving energy awareness and thereby the potential for optimisation & cost savings measures.

In addition, Pearlstone Energy will:

  • Deliver avoided energy on clients’ sites to National Grid’s balancing services programmes such as STOR, and also trade the balance of capacity not being used into the wholesale trading markets & share the resulting payments with participating clients
  • Assist clients to reduce their network demand charges (Triad, DUoS); the means by which industrial & commercial consumers pay for the electricity transmission network in GB
  • Reduce your Carbon footprint by offering load flexibility and fulfill your CSR & sustainability agenda