Automated Demand Response

Automated Demand Response (ADR) allows and encourages consumers to temporarily switch off, turn down or shift the non essential electricity in a reliable, fast, cost effective and automated fashion.

Commercial and industrial buildings and facilities across the UK use electricity for different purposes and in different ways. But they do not need to consume electricity at full capacity all the time.

As a result, buildings and some facilities are able to shift, reduce or turn off the electricity to various devices for short periods of time without negatively affecting the building’s performance or comfort conditions for its occupants. This is known as the building’s “Flexible Load”.

Pearlstone Energy uses Honeywell’s proven and trusted Open Automated Demand Response (ADR) technology to enable your buildings to participate in a variety of Demand Management programmes. Many gigawatts of “negative load” are already being successfully drawn on across many hundreds of buildings by use of Honeywell’s ADR technology to manage grid stress in the United States, Hawaii, China, India, and the United Kingdom.

ADR allows electricity consumers to temporarily switch off or turn down the non essential electricity, or turn on standby generators, and get paid to do so. Unfortunately, existing proprietary solutions add unnecessary cost and complexity. The OpenADR technology used by Pearlstone Energy was created to standardize, automate and simplify DR to enable utilities to cost-effectively meet growing energy demand, and customers to control their energy future.

ADR system is a proven solution currently connected to over 1.4 million buildings worldwide and has performed hundreds of load shed events in the UK in the commercial, retail, hospitality, educational, public, leisure & healthcare buildings.

We install the necessary technology and management system at zero cost for our clients. We provide an end to end service that creates new revenues by offering the “Flexible Load” in your buildings to the market at the best price at different times of the day, week and year. We provide a safe, secure and automated programme that will access and deliver your Flexible Load with minimal impact on your building’s performance or comfort conditions for the occupants.

Your participation will be an active means of helping to reduce your building’s CO2 footprint and will play an important part in addressing the adverse impact of climate change. Our ADR solution has gone through a thorough evaluation to ensure that the critical infrastructure cyber security standards are always followed. We have addressed the functional requirements of cyber security at three levels including physical security, server security and client security and continue to do so, on an ongoing basis.