Connecting your Facility

We aim to make the process of connecting your facility or building simple, fast and without disruption. In only a few short steps your buildings will be ready to receive the benefits that our energy management system provides.

Facility Assessment

Pearlstone Energy will request some simple information about your building’s energy plant and consumption and use to this to provide you with an estimate of how much you could earn and save by participating in this scheme.

Facility Audit

Once you commit to realising the potential benefits, Pearlstone Energy in collaboration with Honeywell and your facility staff, will audit your building’s suitability to identify and quantify the electrical load shed potential within your facility and confirm the benefits.

Develop Electricity Load Shedding Strategy

Working closely with you, our engineers will develop a strategy to maximise load reduction at different times of the day without impacting the building’s performance or occupants.

Installing Honeywell’s OpenADR Gateway

Only one small piece of equipment requires installation and this can be done without disruption. Our team will install our OpenADR Gateway in close proximity to your central Building Management System (BMS) or SCADA system. The OpenADR Gateway is approximately the size of a small laptop computer and can be connected to the Local Area Network (LAN) and communicates via the internet to Pearlstone Energy’s remote Demand Response Automation Server (DRAS) software to access Demand Response event start/stop signals and information.

Connecting Your Facility

The load shedding strategy is then programmed into your existing Building Control Systems, which is then connected to the OpenADR Gateway to test the deployment and ensure the shedding strategy is functioning as agreed.

The process is then complete and your building will now be ready to participate in the Demand Side Response programme and start earning new revenue streams!