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The electricity your building uses could be a source of new revenue for your business. Pearlstone Energy enables you to access these revenue sources whilst also helping you to save energy costs, and, contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

You can reduce or turn off electricity to lighting, heating, cooling, ventilating, air conditioning systems, pumps, fans and motors for short lengths of time without adversely affecting the building’s performance or comfort conditions. We call this the building’s Flexible Load. Flexible Load is a unique asset which is virtually untapped in the UK and has financial value.

Pearlstone Energy access and aggregate this Flexible Load from many facilities in an economic, reliable and practical way using a proven and tested technology called Automated Demand Response or ADR. ADR is already being utilised to access and deliver flexible load from over a million buildings across the USA, Hawaii, China, India and the UK.

By working with us, companies can expand their portfolio of products and services and deliver more value to their clients as well as their own businesses.