Trading Platform

Electricity is generated, transported, delivered and used continuously in real-time, and supply must always match demand as electricity cannot be stored.

For each half hour, those with demand for electricity and / or those with customers with demand for electricity (e.g. Suppliers) will assess in advance what the demand will be. They will then contract with Generator(s) for that volume of electricity.

Contracts can be struck up to an hour before the Settlement Period which the contract is for (this cut-off is known as Gate Closure and contracts can’t be struck after this time). In the half hour itself, Generators are expected to generate and deliver their contracted volume of electricity and Suppliers are expected to use their contracted volume of electricity.

Pearlstone Energy ensures a rapid response to any market exposure and volatility that may affect your business. Our trading partner works on a day-ahead and within-day basis, to ensure optimum benefits for our clients and their participating facilities are best realised.

Our ADR platform allows the flexible load in buildings to be reduced within a minute, allowing the trader to respond before or inside the ‘Gate Closure’ period.

Pearlstone Energy will supply and maintain a totally automated solution with no need for lengthy phone calls or any other non-essential interaction with your facility. Our ADR Gateway will initiate electricity load shedding strategy in to your buildings’ Building Management Systems (BMS). OpenADR Gateway will then poll into our server every minute looking for signals for the BMS to implement pre-agreed shedding strategy and automatically determine when and how to respond before or inside the Gate Closure. This mechanism is both powerful and immediate, and it will all happen with the least interruption to your business and occupants.