DNO Charge Management Services

Your Electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO) charges electricity suppliers for transporting their customers’ electricity along their networks. Your electricity supplier will pass these Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charges to you and are typically responsible for around 13% of your total electricity bill.

Unlike Triads, DUoS charges are applied every hour of every day throughout the year with different rates applied in bands depending on when your facility is using electricity. At peak times, DUoS charges can be five times your normal electricity rate.

Pearlstone Energy can develop a tailored DUoS Charge Management Strategy for your facilities, identifying how and where you can reduce consumption or shift a part of it from one band to another. If practical, Pearlstone Energy will utilise ADR to limit consumption in a co-ordinated fashion across all your facilities as often as possible in the highest rate periods.

This can deliver significant, ongoing financial savings for your organisation.