Revenue positive
Carbon negative

Generate new revenue streams for your business by reducing energy with our no-effort cloud solution - zero upfront costs or infrastructure investment.

In partnership with National Grid ESO

Save electricity by helping to balance the National Grid supply and demand, with measurable progress on your Net Zero goals.

Pearlstone’s Virtual Integrated Building is a cloud-based, automated tool for commercial and industrial businesses to

Automatically manage

Demand Side Response across multiple sites

Generate revenue

by reducing electricity consumption at peak times

Plan and achieve

measurable progression Net Zero goals

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What is Demand Side Response and
how can your business benefit?

DSR is a cost-saving, revenue-generating, and carbon-neutral opportunity for commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses.

DSR programmes, managed by energy grid operators such as National Grid ESO, encourage businesses to adjust energy consumption based on supply and demand.

Pearlstone is a DSR aggregator that manages C&I energy consumption in its cloud-based solution, allowing customers to participate in DSR programs. By being flexible with electricity usage and reducing it by 10-20% during peak times for 1 to 2 hours, or increase power via generator, businesses can generate new revenue streams by selling their energy back to the grid.

Our experienced engineers will determine the level of flexibility and ensure a seamless energy reduction strategy with no impact on productivity or comfort.

This is Demand Side Response, or DSR

Support the National Grid and a greener tomorrow, while taking advantage of agile energy management.

Adapt effortlessly to manage

energy demand

Declining traditional
sources of generation

The unpredictable nature
of renewable energy


Fill out the Energy Calculator, so we can analyse your potential savings and earnings.

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Implement no-effort DSR management in 3 easy steps


Energy evaluation analysis

We start by analysing your energy data to find patterns, such as daily average energy consumption, and estimate the financial and carbon reduction benefits offered by Pearlstone ViB.


Site Survey

Our highly experienced engineers will visit your facility to perform an in-depth audit and work with your business to produce and agree on a flexibility strategy.


Installation  & Completion

As soon as the energy services agreement is signed, our engineers will work with your facilities team to get you connected at no cost to your business.


Fill out the Energy Calculator, so we can analyse your potential savings and earnings.

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