DSR provides an important contribution to managing security of supply and reducing energy consumption. Pearlstone’s advanced technology and energy management solution enables its customers to participate in National Grid and DSO Flexibility markets and receive additional revenue and cost-savings as well reducing their carbon footprint year-round.


Demand Side Response is optimising the use of electricity and creating adaptability in energy intensive businesses, managing energy on the demand side - where it is used

Pearlstone's clean Demand Side Response solution ensure that energy consumption can be voluntarily and easily reduced, in response to peak time financial incentives, National Grid capacity challenges or simply to take steps towards Net Zero goals.

Support the National Grid and a greener tomorrow, while taking advantage of agile energy management. Adapt effortlessly to manage:

energy demand

Declining traditional
sources of generation

Unpredictable nature
of renewable energy

How can Demand Side Energy Management open up new revenue streams?

National Grid ESO operates various flexibility schemes, incentivising energy intensive businesses to actively participate in balancing and ancillary services.

Customers can access these through DSR and for example get financially rewarded for using less energy during peak times.

Electric connection pillar

With an aggregated pool of contracted flexibility, Pearlstone will sell acquired DSR capacity to National Grid and then share its revenues and savings with its connected customers.

Real-time data on the energy system and energy use will become the high-value commodity, not the energy itself.

Real-time data on the energy system and energy use will become the high-value commodity, not the energy itself.

What is more, there are zero upfront costs or need for lengthy and expensive infrastructure investment. You can start taking advantage of DSR in 3 easy steps and only one day on-site installation.

3 easy steps to implementation

Is Demand Side Response right for you?

If your organisation is able to load shed at least 50kW for short periods during DSR events, Pearlstone ViB should be a great solution for you.


Take the first step in your journey towards a revenue positive and carbon negative future - fill out the DSR calculator and find out how much your business is able to save.

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Virtual Integrated Building™

Our Virtual Integrated Building™ or ViB, technology allows businesses with multiple sites to connect to the National Grid ESO and distribution system operator (DSO), using our secure cloud-based platform.

Creating a new revenue stream for energy intensive businesses typically required one site to be able to load shed at least 50kW during DSR events - but many of these businesses are spread out over multiple sites, buildings and facilities. With Pearlstone’s ViB, it is now possible to virtually connect separate sites and evaluate their combined consumption and assets, in order to aggregate energy flexibility that achieves tangible results.

We are proud to provide a tool for the DSR market that helps many more buildings and businesses across the UK to take advantage of Demand Side Response. Making DSR more widely available significantly increases the adaptability of the National Grid and brings cost-savings to thousands of customers who were previously deemed 'too small' by other DSR aggregators.

Why choose ViB?



Pearlstone will connect a ViB host gateway to a customer’s building management system (e.g. HQ) and secondary asset gateways in each remote building.



Electricity usage data is sent from each remote building in real-time to the host site.



The host gateway consolidates electricity metered data from each connected building and sends it to the ViBCloud along with a DSR request. This process takes place every 60 seconds and uses multi-layer encryption.



When ViBCloud receives the “go” signal from National Grid, it will initiate the DSR event command to the host site and then to each connected building.

Alternatively, Pearlstone can schedule events manually as part of a cost-saving strategy or demand charge avoidance.

Why choose ViB?

Zero up front costs

Zero Up-front Costs

Equipment and installation costs are included in the service. We operate on a share of savings/revenue model, so customers are guaranteed savings.

Total cyber security

Total Cyber-Security

Pearlstone has addressed the functional requirements of cyber security at three levels, including: physical, server and client security using multi-layer encryption.



Pearlstone's proprietary ViB service and plug and play technology will allow businesses with multiple buildings of all shapes and sizes to reap the benefits of DSR through significant cost savings and new revenues.

carbon dioxide cloud

Carbon reduction

Pearlstone's DSR platform is carbon neutral, promotes sustainable development and supports the removal of all fossil fuels from the UK's energy mix. Unlike many other aggregators, Pearlstone does not require diesel or gas-powered back-up generators.

Laptop screen showing data

Control with
Customer Specific Rules

The ViB Cloud dashboard will put insight and analytics at the heart of a comprehensive energy strategy. We understand that your business must operate with no loss of productivity or level of comfort for your employees. Energy managers need real-time information on energy consumption and cost savings. This enables them to make strategic decisions on DSR events that will maximise cost savings.

Implement no-effort DSR management in 3 easy steps


Energy evaluation analysis

We start by analysing your energy data to find patterns, such as daily average energy consumption, and estimate the financial and carbon reduction benefits offered by Pearlstone ViB.


Site Survey

Our highly experienced engineers will visit your facility to perform an in-depth audit and work with your business to produce and agree on a flexibility strategy.


Installation  & Completion

As soon as the energy services agreement is signed, our engineers will work with your facilities team to get you connected at no cost to your business.


Take the first step in your journey towards a revenue positive and carbon negative future - fill out the DSR calculator and find out how much your business is able to save.

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