What’s the opportunity…?

Earlier this month we shared on LinkedIn the news that we are crowdfunding… This important next step for us is to provide the capital to significantly grow our customer base as we prepare for the further expansion of the renewable energy sector in the UK. Our part in that is to build resilience through intelligent use of energy and deliver greater flexibility to the UK energy system.  

If you are conscious about the environment and are looking to invest in a business that is part of the green energy revolution, as well as representing a potentially rewarding investment choice for your portfolio, we believe we are the business for you. To that end, I invite you to consider this opportunity...  

About Pearlstone

As part of the growing Demand Side Response (DSR) sector, we differentiate ourselves through our innovative Virtual Integrated Building TM (ViB) service.  The benefits of DSR were previously restricted to large sites but Pearlstone’s ViB allows customers with multi-site environments and smaller buildings to now access DSR. What’s more, Pearlstone installs ViB at zero cost to the customer who will then benefit from the share of long-term energy savings and revenue, not to mention a reduction in carbon footprint.  

About Demand Side Response (DSR)

Renewable energy can be intermittent and unpredictable in nature, so we need to adapt by creating a more flexible grid system where we intelligently balance the supply and demand of energy. The beauty of DSR is it allows participating sites to do this without any significant impact on occupants or operations.

National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios report from July 2021 suggests that the volume of DSR could “double within two to three years as the value of flexibility sharply increases”, and furthermore, National Grid suggests the opportunity for DSR could reach 16 GW by 2050. This is equivalent to circa 20% of the current peak demand in the UK.

EIS Opportunity

Pearlstone Energy has received advanced Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) assurance from HMRC, so if you qualify, you can offset your investment against tax liabilities. HMRC is essentially sharing the investment risk with you. A great hedge.  

Investment Goals

Simply put, investing in Pearlstone Energy is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Invest in a business that will positively impact our environment
  • Provide new revenue and reduced carbon footprint for a wide range of customers
  • Support the effort to build resilience into the UK’s energy system

If you are interested in investing, please sign up on our crowdfunding pre-registration page to receive more information.

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